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This or That Challenge

Hey guys! Sorry for the long absence again, these months are insane, plus I’ve been dealing with some health issues, which have kind of held me back from getting a lot of stuff done. Anyway, Ross over at ManVsAdulthood tagged me to take part in the This or That Challenge, and I thought it sounded like a fun thing to do, so let’s give this a shot!

Shower in the morning or the evening

It has to be in the morning, I am not awake without a shower, although if I’ve had a sweaty day dancing or at the gym I’m prone to a shower in the evening as well.

City centre or close to nature

Close to nature will always win. I mean I love the city, but I couldn’t be there 24/7, I’m a country girl through and through.

Bright colours or neutrals

Both?? It really depends on how it’s being used and such. I do tend to go more on the bold and bright side though.

Spring or Autumn

I love every season, well, as long as it stays in the months it should do, but I’m picking Spring as it’s when my birthday is and baby lambs lol

Mint or cinnamon

CINNAMON! Hands down, every time.

Planned or spontaneous 

Again it’s both, I love a bit of spontaneity, but at the right times, certain things need planning though.

A movie at home or at the cinema

Once again both, but I will plump for home this time, just as I can have Stark with me, and we can snuggle under blankets with hot chocolates. Plus I can pause whenever I want for a loo break lol

Espresso or latte

Neither, I hate coffee, can’t drink any of it.

Hugs or kisses

Hugs and cuddles are the best!

Spicy food or mild

Spicy, I have an obsession haha

Leather or lace

Argh I like both! Some of these are just so difficult to choose between, buuuut I really love the Hollister lace bralettes right now, soooo I’ll go for lace.

Overdressed or underdressed

Overdressed, I’d rather be looking too smart than not smart enough

Adventure or comfort

It’s kind of both again, depending on what mood I’m in, but I go for comfort more often as I have such a hectic lifestyle comfort is always nice.

T.V series or movies

This is one I can’t and won’t pick between, I love them both equally

Rock or country music

I can’t pick between these either, it depends how I’m feeling, and I love them both so much!

Red or white wine


Working alone or in a team

I love working in a team, just as long as the team works well together.

Swimming or sunbathing

Sunbathing, I would always have picked swimming in the past, as I love underwater swimming, but goggles just don’t look cute anymore haha

Fast food or sit down restaurant 

Sit Down Restaurant

Matched or mismatched socks

I have no preference, I always match them if they specifically need to match though

Dancing or singing

Both, you can’t ask em to decide between these two.

Phone or the internet


Ok so I nominate these fellows below!

  1. Elle May
  2. 16-Bit Dad
  3. The Aspiring Kryptonian




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