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Top Collar Dog Treats

Recently I decided to try a new subscription box for Stark. She goes through treats like no ones business, she’s a hungry dog! (well, what do you expect with a Beagle Cavalier mix!) Plus the fact she’s always training, I’m constantly running off to the pet shop to grab more bags, so you can see why I chose to give Top Collar a try. In the past Stark has had treats from the subscription service, and they were amazing, she couldn’t get enough of them. Sadly though, stopped trading this February, much to our disappointment.

Upon looking through the Top Collar site I was very excited about the amount of flavours and how interesting the treats sounded, not gunna lie, I was really eager for my pup to try the Full English one. It was a super bonus when I found out they were gluten free as well, which is perfect for Starks sensitive tummy. I was also very happy to hear all treats are baked by hand and made in the UK. Upon signing up I loved the fact I could upload a picture of my dog to appear on the package each time one is delivered, it was just such a lovely personal touch. Along with all of that they have an lovely blog full of doggy tips on their website, which is great!

When the first box arrived I really did love the picture on the box, it was just as I expected. Although after having treats for the past few months I was a little disappointed with Top Collars offering. There was only one bag of treats included, which I know is usual, but we’d been used to getting four bags in one box, like a graze box for doggies, for the same price, so it was a bit of a shock to go down to one. That being said the bag of treats is much larger than those we used to get from, and Stark loved the them, she wolfed them down, and was always excited when I got them out.

The treats come in heart shapes and are biscuity. They’re in large bags which are resealable, so you can keep them fresh and still keep the fun packet they come in. Personally biscuit treats aren’t my favourite for Stark, only as I don’t find them easy to train with, as she has to chew and crunch them up for a while, which means training slows down a lot. After getting a few boxes from Top Collar I did get kind of got bored a bit. Yes the flavours are imaginative and fun, but each box was the same, a different flavour of treats obviously, but always the same heart shapes, with no real difference. I think I would personally like to see a bit more variety in how the treats come, like shaping the fish and chip ones into little fishes or something like that. It’s of no consequence to Stark, she enjoys them whatever the shape, but for £5.99 a bag, I would like something a little more interesting when I open the packet.

I do have to say I miss very much, they had such a range, plus you could enter personal details about your pet onto your members page so they could send treats that suited their dietary requirements and personal needs, for example, if your dog had joint trouble you could select that a preference, and they would send you treats suited to helping that. I do feel Top Collar lacks in this area.

In conclusion Top Collars treats are nice, and are very agreeable to Starks digestion and palate. They have some lovely ideas and their customer service is great, but are they worth the money?? Not really. I would happily pay about £3 per bag, but £5.99 is just a bit too expensive for what you get, especially if you have to be careful with what you’re spending.

Have you tried Top Collar Treats? Or do you know of any other good dog subscription boxes out there? Let me know in the comments!!

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