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Cath Kidston x 101 Dalmatians!

Hi everyone!

So sorry it’s taken me literally forever to post a new blog, honestly this summer has been absolutely mind blowingly crazy! But enough about that, I’m back, and all summer I’ve been using these amazing products from Cath Kidston. If you’re not aware of Cath Kidston, it’s a designer make hailing from Britain, where it’s very popular. I was first inclined to buy them because of the 101 Dalmatians link, as it is definitely one of my all time favourite childhood films. After using them for a couple of months now I have to say they do not disappoint, not only are they beautiful they are perfectly fit for purpose.

Now I purchased a lot of items, as the dalmatian prints used were just too adorable to ignore, and the little fangirl inside of me started screaming when she saw them all. I just couldn’t resist! A few of the items I purchased are sadly out of stock now as everything is limited edition, but there are still a few items on there, but hurry up, as the Peter Pan collection comes along on September 21st!

Here’s a breakdown of all the items I purchased;

The Multi Pocket Backpack

This backpack has probably been my favourite purchase of them all. I think I’ve used this more than I’ve used anything else. It has gone practically everywhere with me. The posey with bagbackpack itself is incredibly roomy, and has three pockets for storing your stuff. It has the main compartment, which is the biggest and makes up the main bulk of the backpack, I’ve been able to store and entire dance kit in here, including body sprays, water bottles and sometimes 2-3 pairs of shoes. The front pocket is also incredibly roomy for how small it appears, while having the middle part stuffed to the brim I’ve still found room for my handbag items in this section eg. my purse, hand cream, sanitizer, face powder and brush etc. It’s the perfect place for the little items you need to get to quickly, that you would lose in the bigger compartment.  The third and final section is a sleek padded part which is perfect for laptops, tablets and/or slim notebooks. You can easily fit a 13″ laptop in this section, although with some force, and a small corner poking out of the top, I managed to squeeze my 15″ macbook into this part. Of course it wasn’t ideal, but it worked, and I don’t particularly mind it not fitting perfectly. I do wish they possibly offered a couple of different sizes of backpack for this issue, but like I said, if you’re desperate you can make it work.

backpack modelling

The backpack also has gorgeous top handles, which make keeping everything together a lot easier, as the handles have a clip fastening so they can stay together while travelling, making it harder to gain unwanted entry to the main compartment. I find the backpack to be a good size, I can fit in everything I need, while it also doesn’t appear too big when I’m wearing it. Plus the design is beautifully subtle, whilst also having the wonderful artwork of the film encompassed onto it, and despite the pink flowers goes with practically anything.

This is a total winner in my book, and it’s still available on the website and is currently priced at £60, which is a good price if you ask me for Disney, Cath Kidston AND great a great backpack! Also if you don’t specifically fancy a Disney print, this backpack is available in various different colours and designs.

Notebook and Pens

notebook and pens

Cath Kidston offers three notebooks in the Dalmatians Disney range, this one pictured above, another which is the same pattern as the backpack and a third which is spiral bound and of the flower style. This notebook and the townhouse style notebook are both A5, where as the Spiral bound is A4. It’s hard backed, and the pages are of a nice quality, I know whatever I’m going to write in there will have to be important, as I’d hate to waste such a nice notebook. I also decided to get the matching pen, as well as the other pen, each of them write in different colours as well! The spotty is black ink, and the flower one has blue ink. The notebooks are still available on the website; £10 for this and the Townhouse print, and £14 for the A4 spiral bound. Sadly the pens are now out of stock, but I’m sure you could find a seller on Ebay who’s getting rid of one or two.

Foldaway Overnight Bag

travel bag full.jpg

Now this travel bag is a little gem! Not only does it have way more space than you think it will have, it also folds away neatly into it’s inside pocket for super useful storage. It comes in the Townhouse dogs print, so matches the backpack beautifully. The pocket inside is detachable with ‘poppers’, so you can either have it as an attached pocket or a floating one depending on space and packing, which I find a great feature. It really is a deceptive bag as I said before, it looks quite small, but is incredibly spacious, and is the perfect overnight bag.

inside travel bag

When you’re done with it storage is as simple as taking out the removable pocket, folding the bag, and putting it in said pocket, making it compact and a massive space saver. It also has carry handles, as well as an over the shoulder strap for if your hands are a bit full.


travel bag compact

This is still available on the Cath Kidston website, and is currently £55, which is a steal for something this useful. Once again if you’re not a Dalmatian fan this comes in different styles and prints, and I’m pretty sure there will be a Peter Pan version available in a couple of weeks.


purse pose

The purse was probably the main reason I was looking at the Cath Kidston site to be honest. My old one was completely wrecked, and I had finally decided I couldn’t function with it anymore, and a new one was needed literally as I saw an advert for this collection. I fell in love with the compact yet spacious design, as well as the print, who could not love puppies poking their heads out of spots?! It is one of the most perfectly understated fandom pieces out there, it’s subtle, so you’re not shoving your fangirling in someone’s face, while still noticeable enough to show your love. I find this perfect for posh events, as well as general day to day. Sadly this is no longer available, although I have seen a few floating around on Ebay.

Pongo and Perdita Sweatshirt

Sweater look down

I am a sweatshirt freak! I absolutely adore them, and will generally wear a sweater whenever I can. I find them great for winter and also for the slightly chillier days and evenings in summer. I also find them incredibly comforting, so when I saw the chance to get a 101 Dalmatians sweatshirt, I honestly couldn’t resist. I absolutely fell in love with the design and print on this one, Pongo and Perdita have a sketchy quality to them, which is one of my favourite ways of seeing animated characters portrayed, being an artist myself there is an incredible beauty in seeing the sketch work. The flowers are just a lovely subtle nod to the other prints featured in this collection, and even to Cath Kidstons designs, without it being over powering or in your face.

posey smirkThe sweater has that lovely slouchy feel to it, so it comes up slightly baggy and it’s fitted, but it does it nicely, with no awkward cuts that make it stick out at the front and give you a puffy belly look. The fabric on the inside is that you find on more summertime sweatshirts, basically it’s not fleecey inside, it has looped fabric. It’s gorgeously light weight and is honestly one of my favourite sweaters now, and that’s saying something as I have far too many haha.

This sweatshirt is currently available on the Cath Kidston website for £55, it’s a little pricey for a sweatshirt, but the quality is amazing.

sweater pointing



Now we come to my last purchased item of this range, the washbag. This is one of my travel essentials now. The print has a combination of flowers and spots, and it unlike any of the other prints available. It’s completely waterproof, so you’re safe if any of your washables leak anywhere, as well as looking super cute and stylish. It’s quite big, but fits nicely in the travel bag and backpack. It has loads of space it’s unreal, you can fit so much into it that it really is a must have along with it being so versatile. Sadly this is also not available on the website anymore, although once again you may be able to find a couple around Ebay.


me and doggos 2

All in all I’ve been amazingly impressed with this collection from Cath Kidston, the dalmatians style blends seamlessly with her signature prints, and suits it down to the ground. All the products are of great quality while also pleasing a die hard fan like myself, which is great as sometimes fan merch can be a bit dodgy on quality. I’ve used every single thing I’ve bought so much since their purchase it’s unreal, I can definitely say I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of them already, which is exactly what you want.

If you’re interested in any of these products head over to the website as Peter Pan comes along on the 21st of September and I’m pretty sure the dalmatians disappear when that arrives. If you’re interested in the Peter Pan collection though make sure to sign up via the website for early access!

Are you a Cath Kidston fan? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you!


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