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Avengers Infinity War – A Spoiler Free Review

So I do apologise for my lack of posts recently, I’ve been having some extensions done on my place and the work load from them has been so massive, everything has literally been so upside down, and to be honest, still kind of is. Anyway, I have literally just seen the third Avengers film; Infinity War and being the massive Marvel fan that I am I just HAD to write about it. Obviously this post will be spoiler free, as of course #ThanosDemandsYourSilence and I wouldn’t want to ruin the movie for anyone. This is going to be a hard one though, as the film is literally riddled with spoilers from start to finish. At a later date, when I feel enough time has passed I will write a review which speaks about my reactions to specific plot points, but right now having seen what the Mad Titan is capable of, I don’t think I’d want to anger him by posting spoilers.



The general plot line is Thanos is headed for Earth in search of the Infinity Stones that reside there, in order to bring the universe into balance, which would mean wiping out half of all living beings in the universe. The Avengers, along with The Guardians of the Galaxy, all team up to try and stop him. It sounds like your general Superhero storyline, and given all the hits Marvel have given us in the last ten years, we all have some idea of what to expect. All I can in terms of story, it was not completely what I expected. They pulled out all the stops, and quite honestly you can see why it was ten years in the build up. They have given away literally nothing in any of the trailers or TV spots, even adapting some of the footage in them so no one can guess what’s happened, or what is about to. They have really gone to some great lengths so as to not let any spoilers slip, as we all know us Marvel fans, we will speculate constantly about what’s coming in Avengers 4, and already have been speculating about exactly what will happen in this one. They really have thought of everything.


I have to say I love the storyline, it hits hard, puts you straight into the grit and truly pulls all the punches. It’s a two and a half hour film, and it doesn’t even feel like it’s that long at all. The time literally flew by. Near the end I kept thinking what would come next, coming up with the next plot point and was shocked when it actually finished, I thought I still had another hour left on the film. However I cannot say I felt cheated or dissatisfied, there was plenty of film to dig into, I just wanted more, but I never want a Marvel film to end. That being said for this movie they did end it perfectly, it was the right point to keep people hooked, and I will now spend the next year in a constant state of shock and desperate for the next instalment. It was left on a slight cliff-hanger, or well I at least hope it’s one, as I know I will still be reeling by the events of this film for a very very long time, until I get myself some answers or solutions.


Those Deaths

I will not dwell on this very long at all, as I do not want to spoil it for anyone. No names will be uttered, no scenarios will be talked of and I will keep it as vague as I possibly can. All I will say is they were all deeply saddening, I cried multiple times, and they were handled so very well. The performances involved were truly gut-wrenching, they tugged at my heart strings so much, and I was constantly mumbling to myself ‘no, no, no, no…’ when they happened. They have done a great service to the characters in this film, and with so many none were cheated of their time to shine. Although do be prepared, they really do mean it when they say no one is safe. I was shocked and totally didn’t see some coming.


The Performances

As an Actor I do generally watch films for the performances from the Actors. I do think it’s what can make or break a film for me. It is a reason I love the MCU so deeply, as their casting is second to none, they always get it right and cast incredible actors who truly leave me in awe. This is no exception. Although we’ve already seen the majority of them in these particular parts before there is something new about this film. Everyone’s a little battered at the beginning, they’ve seen some rough times, and obviously we know The Avengers are scattered. It’s great to see these guys showing how all of this has evolved their characters over time, and you can see the history of each one of them etched onto their faces during scenes. The film requires one hell of a range of emotions, and the ability to put across humour while still keeping the overall dark tone. Everything was balanced, and I felt so deeply for every single character. I have to give the main shout out here to Josh Brolin though. His Thanos is phenomenal. When you hear the phrase ‘The Mad Titan’ you expect him to be literally mad, with no care to who he’s killing and just be the huge big bad he’s been hyped up to be. Instead Marvel do it again by making their villains so human, and multi-faceted that you actually feel something for them that isn’t just hatred. They use his madness to be a warped view of how the world should be, rather than a reckless killing machine. You also even feel sorry for him in one moment, they give him emotions, and it is remarkable. Josh Brolin is calm and composed throughout the whole film, ‘taking care of business’ is how I would describe his manner, and it’s refreshing. I think this is why Marvel still trump all other Superhero movies, they make their Heroes flawed and their Villains redeemable; everything has a reason, everything has an emotion, no one is all bad and no one is all good, which is what makes it rooted in reality and not complete fantasy.


Obviously my other favourite performances go to Chris Pratt, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Zoe Saldana, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Vaughn-Lawlor, Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland. A long list, but there’s so many people in this film it’s insane. Of course all of the actors did incredible jobs, but these one’s just stuck out truly in this film. That list is also in no particular order.



Well, after watching it I feel like I’ve, both emotionally and physically, been gut punched repeatedly, while also having been shook a lot, turned upside down and been told some pretty horrific news all at the same time. I’m kind of numb and I will be reeling for a hellishly long time, literally until the next Avengers film. That being said I thoroughly enjoyed it, it once again used all of the emotions anyone can feel, I laughed, I cried, I gasped, I was shocked and I was kept completely surprised and on the edge of my seat throughout. It was intricate without being confusing, it combined everything they’ve been working with beautifully, while also keeping it completely human and rooted in our hearts. The comedy was woven so wonderfully through it, it gave it a light quality while also being the darkest Marvel film to date. It drops you straight into the action and wastes no time in hitting with the punches. It keeps good pace, and makes you feel everything you want to.


It’s also kind of like they sat down with George RR Martin and said, ‘How can we truly screw our fans up?’ Honestly, it has echoes of Game of Thrones type shock. My hands did not leave my mouth the entire time, and I was constantly sat on the edge of my seat. It is unlike any other film they have done, and if I could liken it to any it is along the same lines of Logan, not quite as dark, for obvious reasons that Infinity War is a 12A, but it has echoes of that brutality to it. Ragnarock has set Thor up perfectly for his meeting with the Guardians, and now the complete change in tone of the Thor films makes total sense. They just fit together seamlessly.


All I can say is Marvel have truly outdone themselves, this is definitely ten years worth of work, and I am literally dying to see what happens next. My warning to you guys is take some tissues and be prepared to be sat in that auditorium with your mouth agape in shock well after the end credits scene shows. I couldn’t move for a good twenty minutes when it had finished. Also enjoy it, it flies past.


Yes there is one end credits scene by the way, right at the end of the credits, so do not leave.

I await for the next instalment with baited breath Marvel.


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