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Vans X Marvel

It’s that time again, time for another blog post! This one is another one my reviews, and it’s all about the collaboration Vans did recently with Marvel. When it was announced that this team up was happening I was running around the house squealing with joy, two of my most favourite things together?! It was too good to be true! Alas, my bank account wasn’t quite as happy though haha. Luckily I was able to get more than I expected thanks to being gifted a lot of the items by my lovely man. I’ve had these items for a few months now, and I’ve been giving them the full Avenger test, just to see exactly what the quality is like on each product. So below you will find a run down of everything I have and exactly what I thought of them.


captain shiels sit

It seems like a fitting place to start (heh get it, fitting… no? I know, I’m not funny lol), since that’s what Vans are most famous for, making their incredibly comfy sneakers. I was lucky enough to get two sets of the Authentics: The Multi Women and The Marvel Faces, two sets of the SK8 Highs: Deadpool and Captain Marvel, and one set of Old Skools: The Avengers Multi.

I already own a pair of Dalmatians Authentic Vans, so I was already expecting great comfort from these, and I was not disappointed. These have been made incredibly well, as you would expect for the price, the bottoms are super soft, and they have already seen me through many summer days shoots, as well as generally out and about. Both of them are great for casual wear or even something a bit smarter. The Multi Women is fantastic for a slightly smarter look if you’re wearing mostly black. The Marvel Faces ones are better kept for days when you want to be a bit more colourful, and work better with casual clothes. Both of these are the most reasonable of the Vans shoes in this collection and are just £55 each. You can get the Faces Authentics here, and the Multi Women here.

captain marvel shoes

I’ve never been lucky enough to own a pair of Vans SK8 High’s before, so when I saw the design for these two I just had to get them. My favourite out of the two of them is the Captain Marvel ones, which is more to do with comfort and ease than anything else, although I am also in love with the design. The Captain Marvel pair are just softer in feel, they’re mostly suede, which means they feel a bit lighter, and also bend easier with the foot. I find the design fantastic, as you can get away with them for any occasion, as they’re subtle enough, but still eye catching in the right kind of way.

deadpool shoes

Don’t get me wrong though, I still love the Deadpool ones as well, but I can definitely see them being a better wear for winter. They’re full leather, with big heavy duty laces, which can make them feel slightly bulky. They feel like they need a bit more wearing in before you can feel the full comfort of them. I think the design work is impeccable though, I love the ninja stars, but the best bit is the fake bubblegum on the soles of each of the shoes. It really just tops it off for classic Deadpool. With both of these SK8 Highs, do make sure you wear long socks, as they can be prone to sticking and rubbing on the high bit on the inside, as that’s made of leather. Both of the SK8 Highs are £75. You can get the Captain Marvel ones here, and the Deadpool ones here.

old skool

The last one on my shoes list is the pair of Old Skools. I was drawn to these mostly because of how they’ve managed to fit references to all the Avengers into one set of shoes, and plus I’m a sucker for bright colours. I have also never owned this style of Vans before, and I was hoping that maybe they might be similar to the big old ones that used to be about when I was a kid, as I have never had shoes as comfortable as those. Sadly I was quite wrong. They’re comfortable enough, but they need some serious wearing in. The leather round the back and on the inside does rub quite a lot, so don’t make my mistake and wear trainer socks, make sure you’re wearing long socks, as I ended up with some hellish rub marks. Although once given some time they do wear in, and become much more comfortable. This pair is priced at £65 and you can get them here.


I am an avid fan of good and stylish backpacks, and for some considerable time now I’ve wanted a vans one, I missed the chance to grab the Dalmatian one, so I didn’t even hesitate to buy this one. Although it was a tough choice as I also fell in love with one of the Spiderman ones as well, I eventually plumped for the Old Skool II Marvel Faces as I got a lot of matching gear which would go with it a treat. I have to say I was definitely not disappointed with this purchase, it’s incredibly spacious, sturdy and comfortable, three major things you want with any backpack. I am still amazed at all the stuff I can fit in here and still have room for more. It is my new go to bag. I especially love the little extra pocket inside the front pouch, which includes other little pockets within it, including a zipped one for any spare change or hair grips you might be carrying. I also regularly store my phone in the back part of the inside pocket, as it’s incredibly safe. I really recommend this product, it’s one of the best things I’ve bought this year. The price for this is £40 which is a steal if you ask me, you can purchase it here.


I found it really hard to decide which t-shirt to get, which is exactly why I ended up with four, two long sleeved boyfriend t-shirts and two ringer tees. I obviously had to get the Marvel Check Ringer tee which also matches all the other Faces stuff I got from this collection, as how could I not get the full amount of matching items, but I found myself incredibly drawn to the Spidey Ringer t-shirt as well, given it’s fun graphics. Long Sleeve Boyfriend wise I got the Spidey Webs and the Captain Shields one, even though I’m totally team Iron Man.

The pair of ringer tees obviously have a very similar style, with the red or blue edging, although I found the materials to be slightly different. The Marvel Check tee is ever so slightly thicker than the Spider-Man one. They’re both a pretty loose fit around the stomach area, but hug the arms nicely. Do be warned though if you’re wearing a bra underneath make sure it’s flesh or white, as they’re both incredibly see-through. If I’m honest these aren’t quite the quality I was expecting, even though I love their designs and fit, I just found the fabric so thin and it didn’t feel like the same time and effort had been out into them as some of the other items. These are both £35, which I think given the quality is a little steep, I’d have been much happier with £25. Get the Marvel Check here

The Spidey Webs and Captain Shields are very similar to each other fabric wise, even though they’re long sleeved t-shirts they do still have that snuggly sweater feel to them, even if they’re missing the fleece lining of a sweater, as their fabric is much thicker than that’s of the other tees. The cut of both of these are lovely, they just sit so nicely and are incredibly comfy. I love the arm adornments on both of them, the slightly shiny webs on the Spider-Man one and the checkerboard of the Captain America, this was the main reason I was drawn to both of these, they were just a bit different to most other merch tops you get out there. These are both only £35, which given the quality I’d say they’re quite reasonable. Get the Spidey Webs T-Shirt here and the Captain Shields t-shirt here.

Sweater And Hoodie

Now I am one hell of a sweater and hoodie freak, like I cannot keep away from either of them, I constantly live in them. It was once again absolute hell for me to even contemplate deciding between these, but eventually I went with two. I obviously chose the Avengers Check to complete my faces collection, and sweater wise I went for the Captain Marvel one.

The Captain Marvel sweater has the super warm lining and is super thick, so is really lovely to wear on those slightly chillier evenings. The artwork on the front with the Vans slogan made me fall in love with it from the start. I absolutely love anything that is sketchbook, that look is one of my favourites and I can’t resist it when I see it. I love the neutral colours as you can wear it with pretty much anything. The cut is also great, it doesn’t sag out and make you look or feel frumpy, as can sometimes happen with sweatshirts. This sweater is £55, which is on the more expensive side, but it is a really well made.

The Marvel Check hoodie was one of my first purchases and my one of my absolute favourites, I’ve barely been out of it since I got it. A Vans hoodie has always been on my list of must haves one day, and I’m so happy I finally got one, and that it happened to be Marvel related lol. The hoodie is slightly big, as all great hoodie’s should be, but also doesn’t bag out with that puffy feel some hoodies can give you. I find it nice and stylish, this is a hoodie you can get away with for any occasion really. I do love just snuggling up in it, and it keeps me really warm against harsh winds. This hoodie is £60.


Well what can I say, when this collaboration was announced it was literally like a dream come true, although sadly not for my bank account. I love all of the items they released, even though I would have loved to have seen more Iron Man, Thor and maybe even Loki merch, I am obviously biased though, but I did feel it was lacking in these three when most of the other characters have gotten something which is specifically related to them. In that sense it does feel like a bit of a snub to some of the more popular characters. I love how they used the classic comic book artworks, rather than focusing on the MCU, it really fits with the Vans style, and the pair work seamlessly together. Do I feel like I got my money’s worth?? With some items yes, definitely, I mean we know Vans isn’t the cheapest on the market, but the quality of most is so great that it’s worth the money. Although sadly a couple of the items I was slightly disappointed with on the money for quality front, which is a shame as I always judge Vans as a great brand with great quality. The thing I’m happy about the most with this range is that they stocked the shoes in 2.5 UK size, which can be so hard to find for adult shoes, I’m constantly filling slightly bigger shoes with insoles haha.

Have any of you guys purchased any of the Vans X Marvel collection? If so what did you think? If not what’s your favourite piece? Let me know in the comments.

EMP have a load of cool Vans stuff on their site as well, check it out here.

Also yes these photo’s were taken in my back garden, and it’s a long story as to why we had a broken car and a piano there through summer lol.


NOTE: Links supplied in this post are affiliate links, they do not cost you anything extra, they just help me earn a little bit when you purchase, so I can help support my blog.


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