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#TheCabin Review

So recently I got asked to review The Cabin, which was such a privilege. The Cabin, for those of you who haven’t heard of it before, is a global chat room, which says how it takes you back to the good old days of the internet. It promotes how you didn’t have to give all of your personal details over in order to have fun and interesting chats with people on the internet. Obviously as soon as I read this I had a small nostalgia moment, I grew up in the nineties and noughties, so the internet being that way was very familiar to me, even though I have to be honest I didn’t really use chat rooms back in the day.

From looking around the website I really liked the designs, I found it easy to navigate as well as pleasing to the eye. I also very much love their logo, the hashtag also looks like a Cabin, and that kind of thing makes me happy haha. Although I did find the name slightly unsettling, only from the fact of the horror trope of a scary Cabin in the woods thing, not that I’ve seen a lot of those films, because I’m a wuss, but my imagination does run riot lol. My fears were completely unfounded though, as I haven’t had one negative experience while using The Cabin.

the cabin

There are various ways in which you can access The Cabin chat room, the internet or a very handy app. I decided the app was best for me, as I’ve been out and about a lot recently, so the ability to log in quickly from my phone has been the best thing. The only details you have to give are what you want your username to be. The app interface is really nice, it incredibly easy to use and I love the fact you can pick your own background for the chat, which gave it a nice personal touch. One of it’s greatest draws is how it is completely ad free.

I have to be honest, my schedule has been all over the place while I’ve been checking this place out, which means I’ve not had quite as much time to sit for a while chatting as I would have liked to, as well as the times I regularly logged on would be low in numbers, which can be a slight downside if the majority of users live in a completely different time zone to you, so my chats were quite minimal, but only due to my own life getting in the way. I could still see all the people who’d been on before me and how much they’d been talking, so it didn’t feel like I was entering a desert. Every chat I did have on there was lovely though, everyone was really nice and it was a great environment, which is what you want. I’m always hesitant myself to use anonymous chat places on the web, due to bullying in my younger years, so it was nice to find somewhere I could be myself and feel supported there.

For anyone else who might be worried about similar things The Cabin say on there website how they don’t tolerate any aggressive or bullying behaviour, so that did help me to feel happier using it, and once I was chatting with people it was obvious that this was a place filled with people who weren’t there to make anyone feel small.

For anyone concerned about safety, as yes I do remember the many many school chats we all had about the dangers of chat rooms and the internet, The Cabin seems one of the safer places out there. I couldn’t see any way in which you could have a private chat room for you and any other person. As far as I’m aware it’s one place for all, which is obviously the safer way to be, as no one can be targeted. Obviously do remember the old lessons of don’t share your personal information with anyone you don’t know etc etc etc


I loved The Cabin experience, it was nice, friendly and a great way to just get away and chat to people completely unrelated to my life. I found it a great way to just disconnect from anything that was bringing me down and just randomly chat to people who wouldn’t judge me on anything personal, which was great. Would I keep using it? Yeah, of course. It’s easy to access and I’m sure once I got to know a few of the people there a bit better I’d be able to start conversations a bit easier and not have that awkward first convo feeling. It’s a nice friendly place to retreat to when you want to, which is great, even if the app loading screen does make me think of black mirror haha.

For anyone interested in The Cabin you can find their website here.

Have you ever used The Cabin or something similar?? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


NOTE: This is a sponsored post. All views expressed are still my own and completely unbiased. Images of chats are taken from the App Store page, as I didn’t feel it fair to publish peoples conversations without permission.

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