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Hi guys, sorry it’s been soooooo long since I last posted, I’ve been so ill it’s been awful.

Any way, I thought I’d start back with a post about one of my favourite online shops; EMP. Now I found this store a little while ago, shortly after I subscribed to Empire magazine. There was a little booklet that came along with this copy, like a mini catalogue, which had a small selection of merchandise from various films and tv shows. It also included a voucher for £10 off. I was already in love with the officially licensed apparel I found in the booklet, let alone what I came across when I was browsing through the website.

EMP’s online shop has hundreds of items to browse through, no matter what your fandom, they have an array of official items relating to pretty much anything you could  be a fan of, like Game of Thrones, Marvel, The Walking Dead, Harry Potter (inc Fantastic Beasts), they even have various gaming franchises! They also have one hell of a Disney section which includes films such as Moana, Bambi, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King to name just a few, and the items they have are beautiful, (one of my favourites being the Alice in Wonderland dress). EMP also have an impressive lot of band merchandise as well, from AC DC to Iron Maiden.

Baker and myself outside The Luxe Cinema for Nine Lives Theatre Company’s Cats Whiskers night. I’m wearing one of EMP’s Alice Through the Looking Glass Classic Dress

Buy this dress here

They do have other stuff as well, that isn’t just fandom related. EMP stock various brands of alternative clothing such as Hell Bunny, Spiral, Vans, Dickies, Converse, Voodoo Vixen, Cupcake Cult, Hot Rod Hellcat, Toxic Angel and so so so many more. I was lucky enough to get the Hell Bunny Sarah Jane coat as a present for Christmas, it’s the best coat I’ve ever had, and it gets noticed by everyone.

It’s not just a place for clothing either they also have various accessories, there’s jewelry, bags, badges, wallets, keyrings and even collectables such as Funko Pops!! I managed to bag my Ernie and Flocked Bert from Sesame Street on EMP, which was one of my most excited moments when ordering Funko Pops lol. Grab some of their awesome Funko deals right here!

From what I can tell a lot of what EMP stock is very similar to Hot Topic, they even have some of the same items. Which is great for us here in the UK, as we can still get some of the awesome merch without paying the £56 shipping, along with whatever possible customs charge that may also be applied (I have been caught out by this soooo often).

Now I know some of the items aren’t the cheapest, but trust me the quality is fantastic. I mean I’m like everyone else, I always want a good deal, I want to try and get the cheapest thing I can, but I’m also always happy to ‘flash some cash’ if the quality is worth it, as I know some of the cheaper stuff I buy doesn’t always last me as long as I wish, or loses it’s shape etc etc.  I would definitely say EMP’s items are worth spending a little more on. I find the material and cut of the clothes to be perfect, and now I’m a pain, I’m 4 foot 11 inches with a large chest and bum, but small waist, but everything I’ve bought from there has fitted me really well. Along with being items that are totally unique, that you can’t pick up from just any shop, I also dare you not to fall in love with something on their site, that you just can’t say no to.

Suicide Squad Official Merchandise. Harley Quinn Burn After Use Sweater/Jumper

Grab any of the Suicide Squad merch from here.

Although there are various ways make their items a little more affordable. Firstly make sure you put you sign up for their newsletters, you’ll get to know of the regular sales they have, plus you get emailed vouchers every now and again, which always helps. Also review items you’ve bought and within 24 hours you’ll receive a 10% off voucher, which is just stellar! Another great thing they offer is their Backstage Club Membership. It’s £9.95 per year and with it you get free shipping on all orders, which normally costs you £3.99, extra discounts applied to various items, exclusive freebies with orders you place over £30, special competitions, you’re also first to know of sales or special events, as well as getting a nice swanky card, that I’ve never had any real use for, but it looks cool. I find this is the best way to save a bit of money here, plus I’m always annoyed by shipping charges, so joining the backstage club was a no brainer for me, and £9.95 per year is nothing, and I’ve saved so much more than I would have, it’s paid for itself many times over.

I have to say I highly rate EMP, it’s one of my favourite places to shop, they have stuff I just can’t find anywhere else, and for an obsessive fan of many things it’s just a great place, even if it’s sometimes a little dangerous for my bank account. I’m always baffled by the amount of merch they have and the fandoms they include. I managed to get the jacket below which is from Gotham, it’s Selina Kyle’s jacket, now I’ve searched and finding good ‘Gotham’ merchandise is super super hard. This jacket is one of my absolute favourites and I wear it all the time, not only is it fan merch, but it’s one of the best jackets I own. It’s double lined, so it’s incredibly warm, as well as having zipped pockets, which are also big enough to hold my phone, which is awesome! I was also so happy to see the Gotham skyline printed on the inside back of the jacket, as well as the hood having a couple of cute little cat ears on it.

Gotham Official Merchandise. Selina Kyle Between Seasons Jacket

Check out all the Batman & Gotham related merch here.

I find EMP’s fan merch to be the most tasteful, they’re items you can wear, but it’s not in your face fandoms all the time, you get things which are lovely pieces of clothing, but allow you to show your love for whatever you wish to. Along with such attention to detail, you find yourself still finding little details months after they’ve arrived.

So EMP gets my highest of ratings, and is definitely somewhere I suggest you visit.

Have you ever ordered from EMP? Or have you found another site which is just as good? Let me know in the comments!


NOTE: All links in this post are affiliate links, they do not cost you any extra, but give me a little bit of money in return to help me support my blog 🙂

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  • Heather

    I love EMP even though I’ve yet to actually buy anything from them 😀 I won a mystery box from them last Christmas and it had a bunch of awesome geeky stuff in it including some geeky baubles, a Nightmare before Christmas Pop, some cute Harry Potter socks and an awesome Beauty and the Beast Choker. I have been eyeing their stuff up for ages – it is definitely the UK version of Hot Topic which as you said is ace for us Brits! I remember the days of having to rely on shipping stuff from Hot Topic; not fun!

  • Becky Ginther

    Looks really cool! Not sure if they have it or deliver to US but I love lots of geeky items and I do collect Funkos!

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