A Quick Little Hello

Hi there guys and welcome to my blog!

So some of you who have been following me for a while may notice I’ve given this blog a little bit of a make over. I decided that the way I had it before didn’t allow enough room for a complete expression of who I am, and all of the things I love to talk about. As you can see I’ve made it a little more personal, and much much larger.

To all of you lovely lovely new people visiting here welcome to my slightly crazy world on the web! I hope you can find some interest in the things I will be posting.

There’s no specific plan for this site, it is literally my corner of the web for my thoughts, ideas and mental ramblings. This all spawned from various friends and colleagues saying how much they love talking to me, and hearing my feelings on various things. The final push to get my butt into gear and actually start blogging properly came from sudden losses in my own personal life. My brain has been contemplating certain things since these tragedies, and well, in short, I thought ‘life’s far too short, you never know who may like to read what you have to say.’ Thus here I am.

So whether you’re here to get a personal view of a certain product, to find someone who has had similar experiences to you or even just for a good laugh at the very strange and random things that happen in my life, everyone is welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay.

‘There are no Strangers here, just Friends you haven’t met yet.’ – Roald Dahl

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